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Visit Mekong

Visit Mekong

Mekong Delta is a water area with a network of rivers and canals. In addition, fruit gardens and islets are the most attractive tourist attractions. Moving to Mekong Delta is quite easy. You can buy bus tickets at Western coach station, or firms like Futa bus, … If you are car sick, you can buy air tickets to Can Tho then move to other provinces. However, you can visit Mekong by water if you like. Mekong Cruise is one of the most popular tourist vehicles for international visitors.

Visit Mekong

Mekong Delta travel by boat

Traveling to Tra Vinh by motorbike?

Motorbike rental service in Tra Vinh has not yet developed like other provinces. But you can rent a motorbike to travel between tourist sites in Tra Vinh. The rent is also moderate, only 150,000 – 200,000 VND per day. If you are not sure where to rent, you can ask the hotel reception you are staying at.

Visit Mekong

Travel by motor bike

The pagodas have unique architecture

Visit Mekong

Âng pagoda

Tra Vinh is a place that makes you extremely surprised because many pagodas / temples have different architectural styles. Besides, there are 150 pagodas of Khmer ethnicity. However, there are only 60 pagodas of Kinh and Hoa people. The architecture of each pagoda is extremely special, so no pagoda is like any pagoda. Some typical pagodas you should go to are Ong Met Pagoda, Bao Mon Pagoda, Ap Soc Pagoda, Ang Pagoda, Hang Pagoda …

In addition to the architectural works, Tra Vinh also has beautiful beaches.
Among them is Ba Dong sea
This is the most famous beach in Tra Vinh with a long coastline. Add fresh seafood. You will be spoiled for fun and swimming here. Create beautiful memories with your family here.

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