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Mekong Delta Private Tour

Visit Mekong Delta

Visit Mekong Delta

Asia has always been a paradise of old and extremely interesting cultures. Vietnam is also one of them especially in the Mekong Delta area.
Moreover, this is a place with a history of more than 300 years of establishment and development with a simple and peaceful natural scenery. With beautiful scenery here, you will surely get a comfortable and relaxing vacation here. Beautiful rivers and delicious fruits will give you an impressive experience of the culture of the Mekong people. Visit Mekong Delta with Breath Of The Mekong Tours will give you the best experience.

Diverse ecosystem

The ecosystem of the Mekong Delta is diverse, with thousands of aquatic plants and organisms. Especially Mekong Delta is always known as a rich area in natural resources. With endless rice fields or aquatic rivers. In addition, there are beautiful fields of flowers. These are the characteristics that make Mekong Delta the top ranking in Vietnam in agricultural and fishery production.

Visit Mekong Delta

Mekong Dragon Fruit Farm

Friendly people – Visit Mekong Delta

When visiting Mekong Delta, you will easily recognize the extremely lovely personalities of the local people in this area. With wonderful natural characteristics, they have a very comfortable life.

Along with that, it was created by a multi-ethnic community so the people here are friendly and open and always welcome people.

Visit Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta People

Tasty foods

And the special thing that you should not miss when visiting Mekong Delta is the food here.
Food in the Mekong Delta is made up of many cuisines of many ethnic groups. So you will have an interesting tour with extremely delicious dishes.

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