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Vinh Long Vietnam

Vinh Long Vietnam

Not too noisy, crowded and bustling like Saigon. Not too old and quiet like An Giang. Vinh Long Vietnam is a place that still has a unique feature to attract tourists to come here.

Tra On floating market

Tra On floating market is a unique cultural destination in Vinh Long. 250m away from Tra On, Tra On floating market operates on the river with a length of more than 300m. Tra On market considers as a big market distributing agricultural products and fruits to smaller markets in the province. Besides, there are countless colorful fruit-carrying boats creating an extremely vivid image on the river.

My Thuan Bridge

Vinh Long Vietnam

Vinh Long Vietnam

This unique architectural bridge is a collaboration between experts, engineers and workers of Australia and Vietnam. In addition, it is not only a special architecture but also a bridge between Vinh Long and Ho Chi Minh City. Besides, it also shows a very good symbolic task for the homeland.
Besides, tourists have the opportunity to visit the West or travel Vinh Long almost stop to check-in at this bridge. They create a beautiful memory through each photo or video clip to mark their trip.

An Binh isle

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Vinh Long tourism should definitely not ignore An Binh islet. This is like a never-ending “treasure” of Vinh Long province, famous for its delicious sweet fruit.
Tourists come here besides sailing, there is also a chance to enjoy delicious fruit. There are countless interesting things hidden by Vinh Long people on An Binh isle.

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