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Vietnamese Lotus Sticky Rice Cake

Vietnamese Lotus Sticky Rice Cake

Vietnamese Lotus Sticky Rice Cake. Long-time ago, Vietnamese sticky rice cake became the traditional cuisine of the Southern in Tet Holiday. If each type of cake has its own destiny and origin, sticky rice cake too

The tale of sticky rice cake in Southern

Vietnamese Lotus Sticky Rice Cake

Vietnamese Lotus Sticky Rice Cake

According to the remaining historical written, the sticky rice cake is own to the host of this land. It is the Cham Pa in history (formerly Sa Huynh). About 2 millennia ago, Cham people have a flourishing culture development and reach the peak. Absolutely the culinary culture too. The sticky rice cake which is the Southern Vietnamese make today is the product of the exchanging process. Furthermore, this cake received Viet – Cham cultural or also the inheritance of the values ​​of predecessors. Inside, the polytheistic beliefs reception of Cham culture, including the traditional beliefs and worship of rice gods.

Meaning of the sticky rice cake in the Tet traditional day

Vietnamese Lotus Sticky Rice Cake

How to make the cake

Sticky rice cake has a high meaning for human life. The cake has many layers of leaves wrapped outside (banana leaves or lotus leaves), like the image of the whole family reunite together. Moreover, the ingredients of the cake are made from nature, rustic materials. Such as sticky rice, green bean, lard, salted duck egg, lotus leaves or banana leaves and, spices. The quintessence of the earth and sky blended together, with the hope that the labor of the rural farmers is the most quintessential thing.

How to make the sticky rice cake – Vietnamese Lotus Sticky Rice Cake.

Step 1:

  • Firstly, soaked green beans in the water for 4 hours, then cooked with 1 salt coffee spoon.
  • The lard you cut into a piece, mix with pepper, broth mix. The yolk of salted duck egg cut into 4 parts

Step 2:

  • Secondly, Use force to squeeze green beans, then put lard onto green beans. The top layer is yolk of salted duck egg.
  • Scroll tightly the green beans that we have made
  • The sticky rice you must soak into the water, left overnight
  • Use the smoothie machine to grind the Folium Sauropi, then squeeze water
  • Mix the Folium Sauropi with sticky rice and 1 salt coffee spoon.
Vietnamese Lotus Sticky Rice Cake

Mung bean and pork

Step 3:

  • Above all, Spread banana leaves or lotus leaves, spread out the sticky rice evenly. Meanwhile, put green beans onto the sticky rice.
  • subsequently, Cover another layer of sticky rice on top of the green bean and then scroll the banana leaves, then use the cords to tie tightly.
Vietnamese Lotus Sticky Rice Cake

Rolling the cake

Vietnamese Lotus Sticky Rice Cake

Use banana string

Step 4:

  • Then, You put the cakes into the big boiled pot and add some banana leaves on the bottom of the pot. You proceed to cook cakes with medium heat for 3.5 – 4 hours.
  • Finally, After cooking for half of the time, you turn the other side cake back. You should also watch the water regularly, not to let the pot run out of water.
Vietnamese Lotus Sticky Rice Cake

Different flavor

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