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Mekong Delta Private Tour

Vietnam Tour – Mekong Delta Full Day Tour

Vietnam Tour – Mekong Delta Full Day Tour

Vietnam Tour – Mekong Delta Full Day Tour- In Viet Nam, Mekong delta is an extremely interesting and mysterious area. Why say so? Because this place is an area surrounded by green trees and extremely large rivers. From that, create a beauty very typical for this area. The current Mekong Delta is still unknown to many as it is a new destination for tourism. But always create a very beautiful memory for visitors when coming here to visit and explore.

And if there is a full day to visit the Mekong Delta. Where is the best place for you to visit and explore? 
MekongDelta Full Day Tour

Drangon Fruit Farm

Local Factories – MekongDelta Full Day Tour

This tour will be a great way for you to explore the traditional villages of this area. In Viet Nam, agriculture remains a key economic sector and also Mekong Delta. But the handicraft industry is also very developed. So private factories will be special places that you cannot ignore.
MekongDelta Full Day Tour

Incense Factory

Local Temples – MekongDelta Full Day Tour

People in Mekong Delta have a lot of faith in belief. This is the place where many kinds of typical religions in Vietnam gather. For example, Buddhism, Christianity, Caodaism, Hoa Haoism, Islam, …
MekongDelta Full Day Tour

Cao Dia Temple

Visit Mekong River

Coming to Mekong Delta, you definitely cannot miss this wonderful river. Besides, you can choose for yourself an adventure on the river by a traditional Vietnamese boat to fully enjoy the beauty of this place.
MekongDelta Full Day Tour

Mekong River

Mekong Delta Cuisine

In addition to the beautiful scenes and exceptional life. Mekong Delta Full Day Tour will surely bring you extremely unique dishes. As an area covered by water, the Mekong’s seafood dishes are extremely excellent. So, do not hesitate to come to Mekong Delta and explore this place – Vietnam Tour – Mekong Delta Full Day Tour
MekongDelta Full Day Tour

Mekong Foods

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