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Vietnam Top Foods

Vietnam Top Foods

Vietnamese cuisine is simple but delicious. Many of the most popular dishes right by the road but attractive and attract customers like in a high-class restaurant. It is from this simplicity plus a variety of regional variations, along with fresh ingredients that seduce diners. Here are 40 Vietnam top foods dishes that are the most impressive to domestic and foreign customers.

Pho in Vietnam Top Foods

The list of Vietnamese dishes will not be complete without pho. You can almost take a walk around the big cities in Vietnam and see the crowded crowds surrounding a row of hot noodles. Even sitting on the sidewalk. This delicious dish consists of very simple ingredients such as broth. Fresh rice noodles, sprinkled with herbs and chicken or beef. So that Pho is really worthy in Vietnam top foods.

Vietnam Top Foods

Vietnam Top Foods and Banh Mi

Besides Pho, which can be say to be a sophisticated dish in each stage of processing and need to be meticulously care for. Then Banh Mi, it represents a street food at a price that anyone can eat and is very convenient. Although it is a street food, it has great influence on not only Vietnam but also international. Gradually Banh Mi dish has been sell in most countries around the world, bringing Vietnamese cuisine abroad with other dishes. So that cannot deny banh mi is the special Vietnam top foods.

Vietnam Top Foods

Banh Xeo – great Vietnam top foods

Banh Xeo is a typical dish of the Southern people. With golden outer shell, serves with bean sprout, shrimp, pork, green beans … The fresh herbs and vegetables, rolled banh xeo with herbs and dotted with sweet and sour fish sauce. If you like to eat spicy, then add a little chili to the aroma and eat it. Tourists agree that Banh Xeo is really the most delicious in Vietnam.

Vietnam Top Foods

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