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Vietnam Special

Vietnam Special

Vietnam is a small country, with a population of about 80 million. But there are countless special things that foreign tourists want to visit. As a country in Southeast Asia, this place is not only famous for the natural scenery given by nature but also by the ethnic culture that visitors love. Besides, if you are a food enthusiast and like adventurous tourism or trekking. There is the ideal destination for you this summer. Find out what Vietnam special things have.

Vietnamese coffee

Leading the world in coffee production is Brazil, so do you know which country is ranked second? It’s Vietnam! Coffee mainly grows in Trung Nguyen area. In addition, the flavor of Vietnamese coffee is always aromatic and strong. Enjoying Vietnamese coffee rightly is Phin coffee. The culture of Vietnamese people is to enjoy a cup of coffee every morning to make the whole day sober. Moreover, the cup of coffee has gradually become a part of the soul of people in Vietnam in general and in the field of cuisine in particular.

Vietnam Special

Vietnam special beautiful beach

Breaking dawn at Con Dao beach - Vietnam Special

Breaking dawn at Con Dao beach – Vietnam Special

Because the country inherently locates by the sea, so beautiful beaches in Vietnam are one of the special things that attract tourists. Green water, small waves, long white sand beaches and cool sea breeze … Especially to mention such as Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, Con Dao and My Khe, … Once set foot to the beach of Vietnam, you will want to come more times.

Street food vendors

Vietnam Special

It does not only attract locals but also foreign tourists. This seems to be unique sign of our country because it’s easy to find. Besides, it also considers a dining paradise because most street food has enough dishes such as pho, broken rice, sticky rice, and bread. Especially bread, voted by most foreigners as the most delicious street food vendor.

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