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Vietnam sightseeing

Vietnam sightseeing

Vietnam, S-shaped strip of land with the wonders of nature bestowed. When you come anywhere in Vietnam, you will feel charming country. Besides, there is a long-standing culture with 54 ethnic groups across the country. But do you know the famous tourist destinations in Vietnam? Vietnam sightseeing will give you fresh views about Vietnam.

Ha Long Bay – Quang Ninh

Ha Long Bay is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Vietnam and voted the world cultural heritage. The majestic natural landscape, clear blue water and limestone caves have created a very unique picture. With thousands of large and small islands growing on the water associated with the legend of fighting against foreign invaders in the past. This place can consider as a privilege of nature for Ha Long Bay but no place in the world has. That is probably the reason that Ha Long Bay became the top priority of international visitors when coming to Vietnam.

Vietnam sightseeing

Hà Giang – Vietnam Sightseeing

This is the last province in the northeast of Vietnam. Ha Giang has buckwheat fields with undulating mountains mixed into houses with old roofs. The scenery of Ha Giang is a suitable place for those who like adventure, winding pass roads and hard to go. Adjacent to those mountain ranges are the dangerous deep abyss. However, when conquering it is a great feeling.

Vietnam sightseeing

Bãi biển Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a famous beach with many Russian tourists. Clear blue sea, smooth white sand. Coming here in the summer with your family is the best. You will have time to enjoy the sea breeze, sunbathe and eat fresh seafood. The beautiful scenery in Nha Trang is extremely charming, not only attracting Vietnamese tourists but also international tourists coming here every year.

Vietnam sightseeing

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