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Viet Nam Football Celebrate

Viet Nam Football Celebrate

Viet Nam Football Celebrate – Vietnam is an extremely football-loving country. When you come to Vietnam and travel, you can easily see the children playing on the street with extreme passion. As a mini Brazil.

Vietnam National Football team is the biggest pride of this country.

Viet Nam Football Celebrate

Viet Nam Football Celebrate

Viet Nam National Football Team

With many years of development. Currently, the Vietnam National Football Team is one of the strongest teams in Southeast Asia with the AFF Cup championship 2018. In addition, they also won many other remarkable achievements such as: 2018 Asian Cup Final, 2018 Asiad Cup Semi final, 2019 Asian Cup quarter final, … Since then, celebrations of fans have become a specialty of Vietnamese football.

Every time the Vietnamese national team wins the match, all the roads in the center are covered in red. Vietnam Red Flags with Yellow Star are fluttering with the people singing and cheering.


“Vietnam Champion” – If you do not have this slogan, you will probably think that this is an important holiday of Vietnam because the festive atmosphere will cover all over the country. And if you’re lucky enough to visit Vietnam on the occasion of a match of the Vietnamese National Football Team. Don’t be afraid to join with this extremely exciting atmosphere. They will celebrate like this is the last chance of their life and to show the world that Viet Nam Football Celebrate is the best in the world

In Ha Noi

In Hanoi, when the Vietnamese national team won, the big streets surrounding Sword Lake and the old town will be stuck, there is no longer a vacant space. Large transportation vehicles such as bus cars have to accept very slowly. Because around them are thousands of people from many places gather to celebrate the victory for the championship. Viet Nam Football Celebrate

Football Celebrate in Ha Noi

In Ho Chi Minh City

In Ho Chi Minh City, the bustling atmosphere is everywhere. From the central roads such as Nguyen Hue pedestrian street, Bui Vien Walking Street or Notre Dam Cathedral will be no space left. And if you are stuck in that crowd, the only thing you can do is to join the atmosphere of many fun things.

Viet Nam Football Celebrate

Football Celebrate in Sai Gon

In addition, with the two main cities of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, other cities in Vietnam also join in the atmosphere to celebrate the victory of the team whenever there is a victory. And it can be affirmed that Vietnamese fans are one of the most exciting fans in the world.

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