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Tours in Saigon

Tours in Saigon

Are you a tourist to Vietnam? You don’t have much time here and you don’t know where to go? What tourist attractions are there in Saigon? So please pay attention to Tours in Saigon. This is really a good solution for you: save time, famous destinations in Saigon, delicious food … Besides, you will learn more about culture, religion, and culinary of Saigon through a professional guide. Why not ?

Tourist attraction – Tours in Saigon

Saigon is always a paradise of special things. A tour around this place will help you realize a lot of interesting things and especially culture, cuisine, people here. In addition, with a city where tourism is a key economy, there are many interesting tourist destinations where you need a guide to discover it all – Tours in Saigon

Tours in Saigon

Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon

Located right in the city center, is one of the tourist attractions attracting millions of tourists visiting every year. Built in the late 19th century, with the typical architecture of a basilica church. And many stories about the Vietnam war period are fierce. Moreover, Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon will definitely bring you extremely interesting stories and perfect experiences – Tours in Saigon

Tours in Saigon

Independence Palace

The place that marks the end of more than 100 years of Vietnam war. This is the place to store many artifacts of the old Vietnamese government. In addition, the independent palace also has a very unique architecture when it was built by architect Ngo Viet Thu, who has won many awards for architects abroad – Tours in Saigon

Tours in Saigon

Great museums

Having spent a long time under the domination of major empires, Sai Gon also has many great museums such as Ho Chi Minh City Museum, Historical Museum, War remnants museum, … Further more, the main purpose is to let tourists see what Vietnam has experienced in history.

Tours in Saigon

Read more: In addition, Sai Gon has a lot of other interesting places for you on tour to explore and learn more about the culture and people here.

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