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Tour Can Tho

Tour Can Tho

What can we play in tour Can Tho? What tourist attractions are there? We will read this article for more fun places here.

Can Tho Night Market – Tour Can Tho

Tay Do Market (ancient market)

Tour Can Tho

At first, Tay Do Market has monumental architecture and merchants is trading in stalls. Previously, this market was a wholesale market that transshipped products from Can Tho to many localities in and outside the province.
Tay Do night market is important in becoming a trading and exchanging products center of Southern provinces
Inside the market are many stalls line up together side by side. Not only selling a lot of souvenirs like clothes, hats, and symbols of Vietnam but also delicious food.
Currently the market only serves tourists mainly.

Tran Phu night market – Tour Can Tho 

Tour Can Tho

Tour Can Tho

Tran Phu night market locates in Cai Khe area, stretching from Hau river road to Tran Phu street. Because of its position, the market also calls Cai Khe Night Market.
This is a market that is very popular among young people because it is also a big food area. Besides, the market sells many fresh seafood dishes, hotpot, snacks …
In the area in front of the hotel Nesta is a snack area. The dishes (fresh fruits) with various colors, look very eye-catching.

What to eat in Can Tho – Tour Can Tho

Soft thin vermicelli with marinated char-grilled pork

Tour Can Tho

Also quite popular and famous such as pancakes, this dish you can find in almost all provinces of North – Central – South. Depending on the processing and ingredients, this dish of each province has different characteristic flavors. The Soft thin vermicelli with marinated char-grilled pork in Can Tho attracts tourists because of the fragrant and crispy taste of pig skin. The fish sauce harmonizes, lots of fresh vegetables. Therefore, when launching the tourists, the Soft thin vermicelli with marinated char-grilled pork is favorite.

Tour Can Tho is the most attractive tour in Breath Of The Mekong tours. You will enjoy almost exciting things there and discover many attractions.

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