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Things To Do In HCMC

Things To Do In HCMC

You’ve heard a lot about places in Saigon already. Now we will discover the unique nooks and crannies in this interesting place. Things To Do In HCMC.

Apartment no.42 – Things To Do In HCMC

Things To Do In HCMC


Things To Do In HCMC – Locates in a convenient location at Nguyen Hue walking street, apartment number 42 considers as a paradise of coffee devotees. When you come here, you will be overwhelmed by the old architectural style, extremely quiet and beautiful. Each cafe has different design features that make visitors extremely excited to check in.

Apartment no.14 – Ton That Dam

Things To Do In HCMC

Things To Do In HCMC – When talking about Ton That Dam apartment, this place is peaceful and quiet. The old architectural style plus the old color features make this place even more idyllic and close. This apartment is not bustling and eye-catching colors like apartment number 42 but still very attractive to young people to take pictures here. Moreover, the apartment locates near the Saigon River, so it has a beautiful view for you to check in.

Su Van Hanh – Ngo Gia Tu Apartments

Things To Do In HCMC

Here you will easily feel the rhythm of Saigon life. Extremely friendly, gentle, close and honest. In particular, this apartment block sells delicious food and is suitable for the students’ pocket. From Chinese dishes to Vietnamese dishes, also from main dish to dessert. Enough for you to make a Food Tour.

Last but not least

Things To Do In HCMC

Things To Do In HCMC – The association of those who are passionate about taking pictures, drawing or liking splendid vintage style when visiting the apartments of Ly Tu Trong, Ton That Hiep and Thai Van Lung! In these apartments, there are many art galleries and beautiful “view” for you to relax, find inspiration for yourself. Spend your time, you can take the camera, go to the “apartment map” of the city to see a different Saigon but also very warm.


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