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The weather in Vietnam

The weather in Vietnam

What are the special characteristics of the climate in Vietnam compared to your country? Let’s explore these features with BOMK to make your trip easier and more enjoyable. The weather in Vietnam.

Overview – The weather in Vietnam

The weather in Vietnam

All year round Vietnam has high temperature and high humidity because it locates next to the Sea. In addition, the North has the nature of continental climate. Besides, the East Sea contributes to the humid tropical monsoon nature of the mainland. Tropical humid monsoon climate has made the territory of Vietnam formed distinct regions and climates. In particular, the climate of Vietnam changes markedly with the height and season of the year. For example, from North to South and from East to West. In addition, under the impact of the Northeast monsoon, the average temperature in Vietnam is lower than the average temperature of many other countries with the same latitude in Asia.

Kinds of climate

Vietnam climate can divide into 2 zones:

The weather in Vietnam

  • The North (from Hai Van Pass up) is a tropical monsoon climate with 4 distinct seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter). It influences by the northeast monsoon and the southeast monsoon.
  • In the South (from Hai Van Pass back) due to less influence of the monsoon, the tropical climate is quite moderate. It is hot all year round and divided into two distinct seasons (dry and rainy seasons).
  • Besides, due to the structure of the terrain, Vietnam also has sub-climate areas such as in Sa Pa (Lao Cai), Da Lat (Lam Dong); continental climate in Lai Chau and Son La


The weather in Vietnam

The average temperature in Vietnam ranges from 21ºC to 27ºC and gradually increases from North to South. Similarly, in summer, the average temperature in the country is 25ºC (Hanoi 23ºC, Hue 25ºC, Ho Chi Minh City 26ºC). Winter in the North, the lowest temperature in December and January. In the northern mountains (such as Sa Pa, Tam Dao and Hoang Lien Son) temperatures drop to 0ºC with snow.

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