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Sapa Vietnam Tours

Sapa Vietnam Tours

Sapa locates in the northwest of the country, in addition to hiding the wonders of nature and people. Besides, Sapa has the name town in the cloud by the people. Up here, you will admire the majestic mountain landscape and many unique experiences to discover the lives of the people here. Let’s do Sapa Vietnam Tours to enjoy your time in Vietnam.

What is the climate of Sapa?

Like Dalat, Sapa is the place to inherit the highland climate which is extremely fresh and cool, making people feel extremely comfortable. Because it locates at an altitude of 1500 m – 1800 m, the climate here has many diverse nuances. The average temperature ranges from 15 to 18 degrees C. At the end of the year, sometimes snow falls in Sapa.

Sapa Vietnam Tours

So when should travel Sapa?

Sapa is the place where there are 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. If you are a fan of cold, then you should come in the fall and winter. Enjoy watching flowers bloom, then come in spring. If you like the drizzle and romantic romance, so come in the summer.
Especially from April to May, this is the time when people here cultivate rice on terraced fields. This is also the time when the flowers on the mountain bloom very beautiful. It is an appropriate time for visitors to come here to take photos and take a sight-seeing.
September – October is probably the most beautiful because the rice is ripe. All fields are covered by a pure yellow color of rice. It can be said, Sapa at this time is changing a new shirt.

Sapa Vietnam Tours

Places to visit when arriving in Sapa Vietnam Tours

Come here, you should visit Ham Rong Mountain. When standing on the top of the mountain, you will have the opportunity to admire the panoramic view of Sapa. Like lost in the fairy scene … Or climb down the mountain, visit Cat Cat village. As a long-time village of the Mong people, this place also preserves many traditional crafts such as planting cotton, linen, weaving. Now this place has been built into Cat Cat tourist area.

Sapa Vietnam Tours

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