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Sampan Boats of Mekong Delta

Sampan Boats of Mekong Delta

Sampan Boats in Mekong Delta – The Mekong Delta is one of the famous place for areas surrounded by imposing river systems, and stretches for hundreds of kilometers. Therefore,  sampan boats are one of the most important means of transportation here, as tools for survival. Because if there were no boats, it would be very difficult to move around this area. Sampan boats here are divided into many types.

Sampan Boats of Mekong Delta

Three Pieces Sampan Boat:

This is one of the most basic boats here because of simplicity and the most reasonable price. With only three carefully crafted pieces of wood, you have an extremely convenient means of transportation for your daily life in the water plain region. And you will easily see this boat throughout the Mekong region. 

Sampan Boats of Mekong Delta

Five Pieces Sampan Boat:

During three pieces sampan boat is an basic boat, this is an upgrade version of it. Only with the main difference is there are more pieces of wood combined, making the boat have a much better balance than three-leaf boats.

Sampan Boats of Mekong Delta

Modern Sampan Boat:

With the rapid development of current technology, there is a new type of boat that is capturing the hearts of local people here because of its convenience and quickness.

In addition, the shape is exactly the same as a conventional trident, but with a powerful engine on the back. Futher more, the boat runs faster than 70% of normal ships – Sampan Boats of Mekong Delta

Sampan Boats of Mekong Delta


Above all, no matter what it is, the Sampan Boat still an extremely unique culturally of the Mekong Delta. And if you have the opportunity to travel to Mekong Delta to travel, do not hesitate to experience once on these special Sampan Boat.

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