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Saigon People

Saigon People

Not as elegant as the Hanoi people, not as gentle as the Hue people, those born and raised in Saigon possess the dynamism of life. Please travel to Saigon to understand the characteristics of Saigon People.

For many people, living in Saigon is a dream, a burning desire. For those who are lucky, born and raised in this city, it is an unspeakable pride. They imbued with typical street thinking, lifestyle and culture; they feel Saigon through the perspective of a person who was born and raised; and finally bring with me the friendliness, sharing, full of kindness.

Saigon People – Friendly"<yoastmark

Saigon People

Traveling in Saigon, whether you ask to visit the road or have some conversation with anyone, you will receive a sweet and friendly answer to the strange. Here, because of my grandchildren, people confess themselves with aunts, diplomas and children as close as family members.

Have a special voice

The voice of Saigon is as it is now due to mixing the melody between the North, Central and South. With a background voice is a Southern voice, hard and strong, making a bit of dignity to create a characteristic voice that is unmistakable. The Saigon people have a few ways to pronounce the last few words.
But over time, this process is gradually decreasing, and cheap Saigon tourism will easily listen to the special voice of them.

Do not refuse to help others

Saigon People

Wandering in Saigon, if you encounter any difficulties, don’t hesitate to ask them. They have never said no to the person, and refused to help others. Do not know how many times, people from abroad come here are helped by them regardless of familiar or strange. And if there is trot going astray, it’s okay because when you ask for directions, if people know it will only be very devoted, even many good people will take it to the place without a thanks

Remember the past

People say that Sai Gon is a modern and sleepless city. But in the heart of the Saigonese all contain the sorrows of the old past, of the childhood years. So, if you see a group of friends or a group of people huddled about the day before, it is when they are reminiscing about their past.
Saigon People - Drink Coffee at night

Saigon People – Drink Coffee at night

If the night comes, the Hanoi people just want to go home, gather with their relatives, then people will reverse in Saigon. They like to go out at 9 pm, find relaxing moments by the cafes operating through the night. And sip a warm / cool coffee and enjoy a vibrant, modern of Saigon.
Saigon People - Little mention to the dress

Saigon People – Little mention to the dress

They are not mention in costumes, except on special occasions. Going to the street, the Saigon people just like to wear comfortable clothes, wear shoes arbitrarily, as long as they are not complicated. Although at any age, gender, Saigon people do not care about outsiders looking and thinking. Many people do not like to dress like others.They especially like wearing jeans and pullover, including wedding feasts without fear of being judged.

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