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Saigon Street Food 4

Saigon Nice Street Food 4

Saigon Nice Street Food 4. Sai Gon– the place converges the typical culinary culture characteristics of different regions in Vietnam and street food is one of the best features in this area. Make sure you spend at least one evening to wander on busy streets with many carts of vendors from different regions. So here are street food gems you have to try on your trip.

Bánh căn (Mini Pancake) – Saigon Nice Street Food 4

This is a dish from the Cham minority in Ninh Thuan province, popular in the South Central. It is a similar shape to bánh khọt, but it is made quite differently. While Bánh khọt uses fried rice flour, bánh căn is made from grilled rice flour. The cake is really delicious when people bake in a mold made from Bau Truc pottery in Phan Rang. The sauce is made from fish source mixed with garlic and chili. You should dip fully Bánh căn into the sauce to eat. Bánh căn through time has spread to many regions of Vietnam.

Saigon Street Food 4

Saigon Street Food 4

Fun guo and Soymilk – Saigon Nice Street Food 4

When you have the opportunity to visit the Thien Hau Temple, you should try to visit the restaurant in front of Thien Hau Temple enjoy fun guo and soymilk. Besides, there are mint milk, green peas milk, soy milk, and new mint cocoa milk, but this dish usually ends early. When you sit at a time, the seller will bring out a few dishes like other Chinese restaurants, eat finished, you will charge if you do not eat then do not have to pay, the seller with returned this dishes.

Beef Hotpot in Trường Sơn Street – Saigon Nice Street Food 4

Similarly, located in the Bắc Hải residential area. This dish always attracts by cheap and delicious. Indeed, this is a popular dish because it is full of nutrients and easy to eat. Inside the hot pot is beef, beef purtenance, mushrooms, radishes, it will serve with instant noodles and vegetables. The characteristic of this dish is that when local people bring out to serve, it will accompany with a mini gas stove to ensure the food is always hot to stimulate the taste of the user.


 Sai Gon Sweet soup – Saigon Nice Street Food 4

With hot and humid weather in Saigon, sweet soup is always the favorite dish in the evening. Southern sweet soup has a distinct characteristic, made from beans, coconut milk and a variety of healthy foods. Last but not least, there are many kinds of tea for visitors to choose such as Sweet lotus seed gruel, Rice Ball Sweet Soup, White cow-pea with coconut gruel, Green beans sweet gruel, Black beans sweet gruel,  Red beans sweet gruel, Sweet Taro Pudding with coconut grue, Sweet mung bean gruel, Three colored sweet gruels. This is a great option for an evening of hot summer days.

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