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Saigon History

Saigon History

Ho Chi Minh City (or Saigon) locates in the middle of the South. It is adjacent to the south of the Southeast region and the North edge of the Southwest region.
At first glance, Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City has left a deep impression of the largest, busiest and most dynamic city in the country. So what do you know about this land? Let’s read and learn about Saigon History, which has so many exciting stories for you to discover.

Overview of forming Saigon – Saigon History

Saigon History

In 1698, Lord Minh (Nguyen Phuoc Chu) sent Nguyen Huu Kinh (another name Canh) to Nam Kinh. And established Gia Dinh government. But before that, there was a history that Vietnamese people came to trade and reclaimed land in the Mekong Delta in the southern. In addition to that is the Mekong River in the Siam.
In 1623, Lord Nguyen sent a mission to request King Chey Chettha II to set up a tax collecting station at Prei Nokor (Saigon) and Kas Krobei (Ben Nghe). This area is a deserted dense forest and is also the resting place for Vietnamese traders to go to Cambodia. Not much long after, two tax collecting stations became urban centers on the wharf under industrial and commercial crowds.

Saigon History will reappear in the war remnants museum. You should once time visit here to know more about the Vietnam history.

Saigon History

Saigon History (before 1698) – Saigon History

History said: Thai people have established the country since the 7th century. This country called Siam, until 1939 it renamed Thailand. The ancient capital of Siam in Ayuthia, built in year 150. The majority of Vietnamese people here are from The Inside, but there are also The Outside people. They came to settle down and colonize, perhaps from the sixteenth century or the early seventeenth century. In addition to Ayuthia, the Vietnamese also came to settle in Chan Bon (Chantaburi) and Bangkok. These two places were the central merchants who moved from Ha Tien to the capital of Siam.

The history of Vietnam and the history of Khmer agreed to record the event: In 1674, Nac Ong Dai chased and fighted the King Nac Ong Non. Mr. Non ran to ask lord Nguyen for help. The lord immediately told Nguyen Duong Lam to bring soldiers to support. From that event, 3 points of Sai Gon, Go Bich and Nam Vang were captured. (In our history, the name of Saigon appears from 1674).

Now in Saigon, we have any Saigon history places that have the French architecture such as Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon Central Post Office, Opera House…

Saigon History

(to be continued)

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