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Saigon Dinner Cruise

Saigon Dinner Cruise

Saigon Dinner Cruise. Traveling to Vietnam, spending your time for dinner at restaurants or eateries have become too normal and boring. So why don’t you try an interesting dinner on the ship which can move around Saigon River. And one of the famous places that you can refer to is Ben Nghe Floating Restaurant. So, please join us in the dinner experience on Ben Nghe Floating Restaurant via the following article.

Ben Nghe Floating Restaurant

Address and Schedule of Ben Nghe Floating Restaurant – Saigon Dinner Cruise

Address: 05 Nguyễn Tất Thành Street, Ward 12, District 4, Hồ Chí Minh City.


– 06pm: The ship docked at Saigon port.

– 06:15m to 08:00pm: Pick up guests on Ben Nghe Ship.

– 08pm to 09pm: The ship will depart and the staff is willing to serve.

– 09:30pam: The ship back to Bach Dang Port to return guests.

Ticket price: 35,000 VNĐ / person

Highlights on Ben Nghe Floating Restaurant – Saigon Dinner Cruise

Firstly, you not only enjoy delicious and attractive dishes but also relax, see Saigon city at night after a tiring day. Thanks to the comfortable and cool space, the singing and dancing repertoire with delicious dishes will give you romantic, happy and meaningful moments.
Saigon Dinner Cruise.

Saigon Dinner Cruise.

Secondly, restaurant also offers a variety of European and Asian dishes, offering a rich and attractive menu. In particular, the dishes here are prepared by professional chefs and have many years of experience in famous restaurants in Saigon.
Ben Nghe Floating Restaurant is a unique river moving restaurant. One of the types to enjoy new cuisine brings many new and interesting feelings for tourists. Especially, with a capacity of about 900 people will bring customers a culinary space extremely cool, luxurious, romantic and fun.
Saigon Dinner Cruise.

Saigon Dinner Cruise.

Finally, you can enjoying delicious food and the cool space of Saigon River. Then, visitors also admire the circus, solo and ensemble performances. Morever, the ship consists of 3 floors used to serve tourists on board. In addition, in the first and second floors, it serves live music, dance circus, and the top floor is used as a place for concerts and dance performances.
Saigon Dinner Cruise.

Saigon Dinner Cruise.

Notes: There are some notes for you

– Firstly, children aged 04 and under will not charge fares (families take care of themselves).

– Secondly, Children from 04 to 09 years old will be charged 50% of adult fare (SPECIAL: Not applicable with European menu).

– Finally, if children aged 9 years or older will charge tickets as adults.

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