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Saigon Day Trips

Saigon Day Trips

Saigon is a magnificent city, with many unique architectural works. Not only is it thick about history but there are also separate cultures that attract a lot of tourists here. It’s dubbed the most developed city in the South in particular and the country in general. There are many famous shopping and dining areas from save budget to luxury. You can book a tour of Saigon Day Trips to feel every corner of this place.

The outstanding architectural works

Notre Dame Cathedral: Can not to mention the main building of this basilica. At first, this is a great and unique project with delicate and meticulous lines. In addition, there are 6 bell towers, Do, Re, Mi, Sol, La, Si. On Christmas Eve, these 6 bells will ring at the same time.

Saigon Day Trips

Notre Dame Cathedral in Saigon

Independence Palace: Formerly known as Norodom, it built during the French colonial period. This special project was design by architect Ngo Viet Thu. Covering an area of up to 4500 square meters. Besides, there is a helicopter park on the terrace.

Saigon Day Trips

Independence palace

Saigon central post office: Built from the French colonial period and bearing a strong European architecture, adding the East style. Built between 1886 and 1891. More specifically, this architecture locates next to Notre Dame Cathedral. It is really an ideal place to visit for international tourists.

Saigon Day Trips

Saigon central post office

Foodie tour

Broken rice: Broken rice considers as Saigon specialties. Sold mostly in the corners of this place and even in many countries around the world. This dish is simply processed, broken rice is cooked and served with salty fish sauce mixed with sugar, adding hot peppers. Ribs marinates with spices and grilled, served with green onion fat.

Saigon Day Trips

Broken rice

Vietnamese bread: honored as the best street food in Vietnam. In particular, bread with crispy crust, served with cold meat. Add pate, butter, pickle, onion, cilantro and some other spices. All the flavors blend together to create a bread that becomes a full meal for everyone.

Saigon Day Trips

Banh mi

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