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Sai Gon River Tour

Sai Gon River Tour

Sai Gon River Tour  – Many large cities in the world are often located next to the rivers. Because rivers are an important means of living for indigenous peoples in the early days where they live. And is the premise to help the city grow more in the future. And when you visit Ho Chi Minh City, you will also have new experiences besides the most important river in this city. That is the Saigon River.

So when you come to the Sai Gon River area. What interesting tours do you need to know?

Sai Gon River Tour

Sai Gon River Tour

Sai Gon – Cu Chi Tunnel  Speed Boat Tour

From Bach Dang terminal, you can easily book tours to Cu Chi Tunnels via Sai Gon river. Along the river you will have the opportunity to admire the ordinary life of people in Ho Chi Minh City on the river. Going by waterway will take about an hour to get there. Besides, there is more knowledge about Cu Chi Tunnels and the bloody war zone of the Vietnam War.

After this trip, you will have both a lot of experience and knowledge about Ho Chi Minh City’s culture and history as well as the local Cu Chi tunnels.

Sai Gon River Tour

Sai Gon Cu Chi Speed Boat Tour

Sai Gon Water Bus

Going into operation from the end of 2017. This type of transport may be very familiar to the developed countries in the world, but for Vietnam this is an extremely new model. The main purpose is to reduce the overwhelming pressure on roads in downtown Ho Chi Minh City.

This is a kind of novelty which is extremely convenient for local people and is also very suitable for sightseeing activities on the Saigon River.

From the beginning to the end, you will have the opportunity to see the symbols of Saigon along the two riversides such as Landmark 81, Bitexco, Vinhomes Central and more. So if you have a chance, you should buy a ticket once and experience this amazing trip.

Sai Gon River Tour

Sai Gon Water bus

Sai Gon Vung Tau by Speed Boat

From Bach Dang terminal, you can buy tickets to visit Vung Tau very easily.

With this transportation, travel time will be greatly shortened compared to traveling by road. You will have a completely new experience when visiting Vung Tau by this means. 

Sai Gon River Tour

Sai Gon Vung Tau Speed Boat Tour

Enjoy the cool breeze along with beautiful landscapes on both sides of the river. Make sure you will get a great and memorable trip.

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