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Sai Gon Day Tours

Sai Gon Day Tours

Sai Gon Day Tours – Ho Chi Minh City also has another name that is Saigon. One of the familiar names that city people reserved for this area. Saigon simply as a central area of Ho Chi Minh City. It includes skyscrapers, famous tourist areas and the busiest shopping centers in Vietnam. Therefore, this place deserves to be the must visit place every time you come to Vietnam.

With a day in Saigon, you can choose to visit famous tourist spots, bustling shopping centers or especially places to eat that many people love.

Sai Gon Day Tours

Sai Gon Day Tours

One of the tourism centers such as Saigon is definitely indispensable to important tourist sites and historical sites such as Notre Dame Cathedral, Independence Palace, City Post Office or War Remnants Museum. Next, taking a tour of these locations will give you a better overview of old and present Saigon. As well as having true experiences about Saigon life and people.
Sai Gon Day Tours

Notre Dame Cathedral

Human of Saigon

This is a land famous by people of many localities. This gives Saigon a diversity of people and culture.
Moreover, people in Saigon are very friendly, friendly and always welcome the tourists who come here to visit.
Sai Gon Day Tours

Human of Sai Gon

Saigon cuisine 

As a diverse land of people and culture, cuisine in Saigon is very diverse. There is no special dish in Saigon, but there is a full range of dishes from other regions and tasted very easily. So when you come to Saigon, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a lot of dishes with typical flavors that are only available in Saigon.
Sai Gon Day Tours

Banh Xeo

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