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Mekong Delta Private Tour

Private Mekong Delta Tour

Private Mekong Delta Tour

Why private tour? – Private Mekong Delta Tour

Private Mekong Delta Tour

Private Mekong Delta Tour. When you think about going on a tour, you will feel uncomfortable. Because there are many disadvantages for customers who like freedom and flexibility. But for Private Tour there will be no disadvantages. Customers will be extremely comfortable and feel like traveling “backpacking”. Moreover, when traveling backpacking to a place for the first time, you will encounter many difficulties. But don’t worry too much, the Private Tour will help you solve those difficulties, because there will be a guide to support you in the journey.

No touristy

Private Mekong Delta Tour Private Mekong Delta Tour

When going to Private Tour, you will not have any more passengers on the trip. Because Private Tour wants to make customers feel most comfortable during the trip. Want to give customers the best experience when coming to Mekong Delta. The Mekong Delta is a water area, so a professional guide is needed for your journey. You are afraid of the feeling of going on a tour that has too many passengers, everywhere you see people and people. You have difficulty taking photos. Your dining table must sit with a lot of strangers. You get on the boat to cram a lot of people, your seat is not comfortable as you want. You must follow the schedule of the tour operator. Therefore, Private tour is all you need when arriving at Mekong Delta.

No commercial

Private Mekong Delta Tour

You are afraid of going on tour when there are too many shopping places. During the tour, just introduce products you should buy / have to buy. They lead you to places that are all shopping, buying honey, buying coconut candy, … You really don’t like those things. But private tour is not. You will completely experience new things, fresh air, no shopping. Customers will go to places where there are not many people crowded together, you will be comfortable taking pictures. A complete tour itinerary with attractive destinations, delicious food, learn about the culture and life of the locals. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy the life of the people here when choosing a homestay trip and joining a cooking class.

Other benefits

Private Mekong Delta Tour Private Mekong Delta Tour

When you go to a group tour, you see very beautiful scenes but you can’t take pictures because you don’t have time. Time for visitors is very limited and regulated. But the private tour is not. You may be sitting in the car but when seeing the scene is beautiful, then you want to capture that moment, you can tell the driver to stop the car and you could save this momment in your camera. You can do everything you like without fear of affecting the interests of others. Not only are you comfortable taking pictures but also have access to the river culture at the Mekong Delta. An extremely interesting and rewarding point that only private tours can bring to you.

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