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Portulaca Garden in Tien Giang

Portulaca Garden in Tien Giang

Portulaca Garden in Tien Giang. The road leading to Thảnh’s House became the romantic road with many Portulaca flowers in the middle of the paddy field. This is the most beautiful Portulaca Garden in Tiền Giang Province. The Portulaca flower road has become an ideal place for people to admire and take photos.

Portulaca Garden in Tien Giang

Portulaca Garden in Tien Giang

Mr. Thảnh (live in Tiền Giang Province) is the owner of this flower road in Gò Công. At present, Mr.Thảnh and his wife are the owners of 1ha paddy field.

In 2016, Mr.Thảnh came up with the idea of planting Portulaca flower along the road in the middle of the paddy field that led to his home. According to his information, the purpose of this work is to avoid the grass grows in the road and cause landslides.

Portulaca Garden in Tien Giang

Awesome road

Over the years, the road has become more beautiful, more vibrant with Portulaca colorful flowers. That is also the joy of his family and the people in the area

He said that the people who pass through this road had to look back. Moreover, tourists traveling far from here will also take some pictures to make memories.

Portulaca Garden in Tien Giang

The hue of flower


Guests’ Reviews – Portulaca Garden in Tien Giang

On the way back to home, Cẩm Tú accidentally passed here and she was very impressed with the way and stopped to take a photo, then she shared on her Facebook. “When I saw the road of Mr.Thảnh, I was very surprised by his idea. The road is so nice and lovely. ”

When sharing information with visitors, Mr. Thảnh said, “If you have the opportunity to come here, please be careful, do not step on the flowers because they will be easy to die and the road will not be beautiful. Then, You should walk, and please ask permission before you want to take a picture. In particular, please do not litter indiscriminately to preserve the beauty of this road.” In addition, he shared that this is also where he and his wife seat for talking about their life and where to gather with neighbors too.

Portulaca Garden in Tien Giang

Pinky Road

Then, Mr. Thanh is going to plant more Portulaca flowers around the paddy field to avoid the grass growing and make the field beautiful.

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