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Places to visit in HCMC

Places to visit in HCMC

Places to visit in HCMC. When coming to Ho Chi Minh City, you will be surprised with the lively and bustling of people here. Everyone is busy, rushing, the road is always crowded and even stuck in traffic at rush hour. However, you really have not called come to Saigon if you have not set foot in the following locations:

Bitexo Tower – a new symbol of Saigon in recent years – Places to visit in HCMC

Places to visit in HCMC

It has many floors, many shopping places for customers to visit. In addition, this tower built with extremely modern and dynamic style. Very suitable for the development of Vietnam’s economy today.
Above all, it is the place where many international companies’ offices are located. Indeed, along with the most modern cinema system. Located right in the heart of Saigon, this is an interesting place for visitors to check in.

Saigon Garden – the most luxurious place in Saigon

Places to visit in HCMC Places to visit in HCMC

This garden is very special, locates next to the Nguyen Hue pedestrian street – a very bustling place for young Saigon people. Moreover, there are also many foods and beverages stores, milk tea shops … from popular to high class for all customers.
Saigon Garden concentrates a lot of shopping areas from fashion to decoration, there is also a Western – European style restaurant designed in a cozy atmosphere.

HCM City Opera House – Places to visit in HCMC

Places to visit in HCMC

There is a façade facing Lam Son construction site and Dong Khoi street, District 1. This is a place that organizes major events, is a central and versatile theater specializing in organizing art theater performances.
This place has the ancient features of French architecture. Attracting not only domestic tourists but also foreign tourists who come here to visit and take photos.

The “Pho Tay” of Bui Vien – a culinary street with lively barclubs

Places to visit in HCMC

If you have never been here, you are not a real tourist when visiting Saigon. It would be regrettable if not once come here, really. This is the bustling city doesn’t sleep at night, people can eat and drink, hang around in the shops or clubs.
Book a hotel in the center of District 1 to conveniently visit this place. When you go too much and your feet hurt, you can visit the foot massage salon here too.

Tan Dinh Church

Places to visit in HCMC

As soon as you see Tan Dinh church, you will be “fascinated” by the pink wall. This is one of the most beautiful architecture churches in the city, a combination of Gothic and Roman architectural styles. In addition, with a Baroque little mix of decorative features.

Ben Thanh Maret

Places to visit in HCMC

Ben Thanh Market is not only market but also a historical place in Saigon. Visitors come here enjoy shopping and playing here. Not only selling things such as clothes, cosmetics, souvenirs … there are many food shops such as sweet soup, pho, Hue beef vermicelli, …

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