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Most beautiful places in Mekong Delta

Most beautiful places in Mekong Delta

At first, we have mentioned places like Can Tho, Ben Tre, My Tho, Tien Giang … When coming to Mekong Delta. So the next place BOMT will introduce to you is An Giang province. A place with a magnificent nature and considers as a hidden gem of the Mekong Delta. Most beautiful places in Mekong Delta.

Some things to take note when going to An Giang province.

An Giang is a place that has a tropical monsoon climate. The climate is divided into two seasons, the rainy season and the sunny season. Similarly, the weather and climate here are suitable for tourists who visiting throughout the year. However, there will be some features that need attention before you prepare to travel here.

Time and special activities

Most beautiful places in Mekong Delta

Most beautiful places in Mekong Delta

  • April You can choose to buy a tour or self-travel to see hunting fish on Vam Nao River, The God Of Region Festival on Sam Mount
  • From May to October, An Giang will have a lot of rain. Quite inconvenient for traveling. You need to prepare umbrellas or raincoats.
  • August and September are about to be in the flood season. And above all, there is the buffalo racing festival of Bay Nui in Tri Ton district or Tinh Bien district.
  • From August to November is the floating season.
  • The time remaining, An Giang is usually sunny and hot, but the temperature is not too high. This weather does not affect to your sightseeing tour.

Some most attractive destinations in An Giang – Most beautiful places in Mekong Delta

  • Bung Binh Thien

Most beautiful places in Mekong Delta

Bung Binh Thien also has another name of “Lake of Sky Mirror”.
Around this place are 4 ethnic groups living together. In particular, the Cham community still keep their lifestyle and has many identities. Especially the image of an old man sitting on the floor or a woman wearing traditional clothes.

  • God of the Region on Sam Mountain

Most beautiful places in Mekong Delta

In conclusion, this is a beautiful and sanctuary architecture. This Pagoda locates at the foot of Sam Mountain, An Giang Province. This is a famous monument throughout the Mekong Delta region. Last but not least, each year attracts nearly 2 million people from the four directions to worship and visit.

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