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Mekong Pineapple

Mekong Pineapple

Mekong Pineapple - Mekong Delta

Mekong Pineapple – Mekong Delta


The pineapple tree appeared on Hau Giang land in 1930. The people of Hoa Tien found that good breeds started to breed in the banks of Cai Lon river. Since then the pineapple tree is sustained until today. Moreover, the name of Cau Duc because at that time there was a cement-casting bridge across the Cai Lon river in Hoa Tien commune. The people brought that bunch pineapple to sell. Then, merchants from everywhere come to gather at Cau Duc to buy pineapple and the name “Khom Cau Duc” from this story. Mekong Pineapple.

Area of pineapple in Cau Duc commune.

The Pineapple field

The Pineapple field


Currently, the area of pineapple growing in Hau Giang province is about 2,000 ha, the harvested output is 40,000 tons. Concentrated in Vi Thanh city and Long My district, goods transport conditions are very convenient for both waterways and roads.

Value of Cau Duc pineapple – Mekong Pineapple.

Pineapple transfer

Pineapple transfer


According to the people here, any party, ceremony, Tet has the presence of pineapple. Pineapples eat live desserts, jam, chicken steamed pineapple… In addition, the pineapple is also the “soul” of many delicious dishes with the taste of the country. Some delicious dish from pineapple like meat and fried with sweet and sour pineapples, sour and sour soup cooked with copper perch or clams with whalefish, catfish … On occasion to visit Hoa Tien on the harvest days.

Oriented development.

Finally, after nearly a century of sticking with Hoa Tien commune, Cau Duc hamlet has been present in all markets in the country and export to many other countries. At present, the whole commune has nearly 900 ha of clusters on 1.300 ha of cultivated land. Khom Cau Duc area is also select by Hau Giang Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism to develop into a community tourism area. When completed, this place will be an ideal tourist destination for those who like to explore and experience.

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