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Mekong People

Mekong People

Those who once went to Mekong Delta deeply impressed with the rustic beauty, sincerity, scenery and Mekong People here. If you list the places that have a normal life with those who live in Vietnam, then Mekong Delta cannot be ignored. It is considered the land of the country and inherited the privileges of heaven and earth. .

Simple – Mekong People

Deeply imbued with the identity of the river, the images that appear in the minds of many people about this land are peaceful and warm rural scenes.
Mekong People


However, they were only told, known, to be seen in the eyes and souls of the children born and raised in this alluvial land, but hardly ever felt all by a sincere sheet of a other people come.

Friendly – Mekong People

They live very simply. In the meal is also extremely simple. Some aromatherapy fish are fragrant, adding the pungent taste of chili in combination with soup is immediately filled with stomach.
Mekong People


Mekong Delta has an interconnected river system. In some areas, people travel and trade mainly with boats and boats. Therefore, the amount of fish and shrimp every year is also very rich. Westerners have many ways to catch fish.

Honest – Mekong People

In the Mekong Delta, everyone who work side-by-side or also work as laborers or pay. This is a very special thing because people do not earn money but help and then help.
Mekong People


The life of the people in the Mekong Delta is peaceful, simple and simple but harmonious and peaceful. What people can’t find in a prosperous city.

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