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Mekong fruit farm

Mekong fruit farm

Refer to Mekong Delta, beside floating market, cajuput forest, stork gardens … The fruit orchards are also one of the attractive places for tourists to visit. Because the terrain of the Mekong is mainly rivers and canals. So every year it accretes a large amount of alluvium. Since then, taking advantage of that strength, people have cultivated many delicious fruits and gradually formed famous famous Mekong fruit farm.

Cai Be Mekong fruit farm – Tien Giang province

Mekong fruit farm

This is one of the most famous fruit gardens of the West. Cai Be fruit orchard cultivates by extremely diverse fruits. By the harvest season, the fruit garden becomes extremely beautiful because there are colorful. The fruits that you can find in Cai Be fruit orchard are longan, orange, plum, etc. Most households here expand their business by attracting tourist visiting the garden for enjoying fruit on the spot. You only need to pay for the entrance ticket to enjoy delicious seasonal fruits. In addition, you can buy fruit to become a gift for a relative or friend.

Vinh Kim fruit garden – Tien Giang province

Mekong fruit farm

Mekong fruit farm – Rambutan garden

The fruit garden of Vinh Kim in Chau Thanh district, locates in Tien Giang province is also a large fruit garden. Not only are there delicious seasonal fruits but also cool space, this is an ideal tourist destination that you should spend time visiting. There are many kinds of fruits here such as Go Cong watermelon, Vietnamese cherry, Vietnamese sapote. Lo Ren star apple, longan, durian Ngu Hiep, … Moreover, if you are a passion for cultivation and want to do business, people here are willing to guide you the most basic things for effective. In addition, there are fun activities such as cycling, boat riding, …

Cai Mon fruit orchard – Ben Tre

Mekong fruit farm

Mekong fruit farm -Harvest watermelon

The hospitality and friendliness of the locals are important factors that make Cai Mon fruit orchard always crowded with tourists. Cai Mon always has delicious fruits, especially durian, rambutan, mango, … Not only fruits in the garden, you also have the opportunity to admire the Ornamental plants that meticulously cultivate and care by the people. In addition, Cai Mon ornamental flower village with flowers such as daisy flower, raspberries, dahlia, carnation, … is also a place to visit. Very attractive to tourists when coming here.

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