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Mekong Dry Fish

Mekong Dry Fish

In the West region with many canals, rich in shrimp and fish, so long ago people here have taken the initiative to bring these “specialties” to dry, which can be processed into specialty dried dishes in cuisine, enjoyed by drinkers. Mekong Dry Fish.

1. Dry snakehead fish

Mekong Dry Fish is the greatest specialty in Mekong Delta that you should try when you come here.

Snakehead fish is a common dish in Western families. So this year the famous dry production villages such as. An Giang and Dong Thap still do not have enough goods to sell to the market.

Mekong Dry Fish

2. Dry fish skin slippery

Mekong Dry Fish as you know is not only the cuisine but also the culture in Mekong Delta of the locals. The international tourist very love it.

Catfish are available all year round, but most are the rainy season because this fish lives in the mudflats in the seas. Since this fish is dried the market is very strong.

Mekong Dry Fish

Dry fish skin slippery

3. Dried Basa Fish

Mekong Dry Fish making villages in the Mekong Delta are entering their peak production season ahead of Tết (Lunar New Year), which falls on February 5 this year.

Basa fish, this is white meat catfish, fat sweet, many aromatic nutrients. It’s can make many delicious dishes such as the warehouse, sour soup.

Mekong Dry Fish

Dried Basa Fish

In order to get a good kind of basa fish. The processing method must also have the know-how of people working in the industry. Fish that are fed with good food do not feed trash food because when the fish is salt, it will be friable.

Mekong Dry Fish

Chau Doc is a city famous for its delicious dry varieties.

Mekong dry fish, the village has more than 100 households and companies producing various kinds of dried marine fish, including silver croaker, creamfish and mantis shrimp.

Hundreds of varieties is also on sale at Chau Doc kingdom market. The most famous here is the pangasius dried specialty with raw fish raise from raft villages at the famous Hau River junction.

In addition to the specialties of high value, this place also sells the dry type of dry fish such as chopped fish, chach, pinch, tong … some tens of thousands of dong/kg.

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