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Mekong Dragon Fruit

Mekong Dragon Fruit

Mekong Delta – a culturally rich place with extremely unique cuisines. Every year, attract a large number of tourists to visit here. Besides floating markets, lush fruit gardens are fruitful, sacred temples and pagodas …. There is also the friendliness and warmth of the people who make the space here very cozy. Make visitors come and want to come again. In particular, I must mention Mekong dragon fruit kingdom. An interesting destination but not strange to visitors. Especially include in all tour programs of Breath of The Mekong Tours.

Mekong Dragon Fruit

Benefits from Mekong dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is a nutritious fruit with many processing ways. You can use the whole fruit after peeling it, or it can be use as a smoothie. Mekong Dragon Fruit has many vitamins such as C, B and fiber, which helps treat gastrointestinal diseases very well. This is a fruit useful for human health.

Mekong Dragon Fruit

Extremely good for the cardiovascular system:

Every day, you consume a lot of foods like fried foods or high fat foods. You will definitely accumulate a lot of bad cholesterol for your body. However, dragon fruit will help you eliminate bad cholesterol from your body.

Mekong Dragon Fruit

Preventing diabetes:

High amount of fiber in Mekong dragon fruit helps control blood sugar and prevent diabetes risk. So, adding this fruit to your daily diet will help your family.

If you are losing weight, why not try?

Besides many vitamins, Mekong dragon fruit is very low in calories and high in fiber. Therefore, you eat dragon fruit every day will improve your weight significantly without affecting the digestive system.

Improve skin:

Reduce the signs of aging thanks to the antioxidant ingredients in dragon fruit. In addition, support the treatment of acne cause by vitamin C. You can crush this fruit and apply it to your face like a mask and leave for 5 to 10 minutes. In particular, if you go to the beach or sunburned skin, dragon fruit has a very good effect in soothing the skin.

Mekong Dragon Fruit

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