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Mekong Delta Worth Visiting

Mekong Delta Worth Visiting

Mekong Delta Worth Visiting

Welcoming millions of tourists every year, ranking the top 10 in the list of tourist destinations worth visiting most in 2018 (Business Insider) and there is no sign of stopping. Mekong Delta deserves to be one of the main area of Vietnam tourism.

So what is the reason to say Mekong Delta is a place worth visiting to?

Mekong Delta Worth Visiting

Mekong Delta Worth Visiting

Great natural landscape

This is an attraction for tourists from all over the place, to experience the wonderful landscape and beautiful tourist destination here.

More over, with alluvium from the river, the flora system here has an amazing variety. From the green rice fields to the fruit gardens full of ripe fruits or colorful flower gardens. In addition, there are many other factors that help this place attract tourists from all over the world.

Mekong Delta Worth Visiting

Mekong River Boat Trip

The River System

The river system in the Mekong Delta is very special. Many rivers are connected from big to small, which in turn leads to more activities of people taking place in the river than anywhere in Vietnam. And this is a typical cultural feature of the people living in this area. Giving tourists a feeling of both surprise and excitement when coming here.

Especially, these simple activities have become very popular tourist attractions such as floating market, floating fish village, …

Mekong Delta Worth Visiting

Mekong River Boat Trip

Specialty Local Food

Local food is one of the best thing in the Mekong Delta.

Whenever you visit any province, you will have a chance to enjoy  the specialty of that province. More over, each dish has a unique taste. But in fact, all of them are very good and worth trying.

Mekong Delta Worth Visiting

Mekong Delta Special Food

Traditional villages

Not only agriculture, Mekong Delta is also a famous area for traditional craft villages.

It’s make Mekong Delta more diverse in tourism. In addition, instead of visiting normal tourist destinations, you can also choose to visit these traditional craft villages such as floating fish farms, flower villages,…. Beside, this will be a new experience for travelers when visiting the Mekong Delta. 

Mekong Delta Worth Visiting

Châu Giang Floating Fishing Village

Friendly people – Mekong Delta Worth Visiting

Friendly people is the thing that make visitors remember the most when they talk about Mekong Delta. They are very friendly, they have a simple and peaceful life surround by rice fields and rivers. So their character is always humorous and friendly to any traveler.

It’s create a good impression for the tourists when visiting the Mekong Delta.

Mekong Delta Worth Visiting

Friendly People in Mekong Delta

In conclusion, it is certain that Mekong Delta is a place worth visiting, worth exploring. Because of the specialties that it brings.

So, do not wait any longer without getting up and go to Mekong Delta now.

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