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Mekong Delta Weather

Mekong Delta Weather

Mekong Delta Weather. The climate here is always sunny and warm all year round. The weather is mild, so tourists can visit in any seasons. Four seasons of fruit trees year-round are very suitable for tourism and entertainment activities here. Despite this, many tourists choose to travel to Mekong Delta in the summer because at this time the fruits and flowers are the most fruitful season of the year. But it is also possible to travel in the spring or autumn, winter because the annual climate is also very beautiful.


  • Cho Lach – Cai Mon, Ben Tre ornamental tree village

The days of approaching Tet, the atmosphere in Cho Lach flower village – Cai Mon, which is dubbed the “Kingdom of ornamental flowers – fruit trees” of the country bustling regardless of day and night. The gardeners are working hard to look after the flower beds for Tet. Boat houses are also busy with flower shipments going up and down far and near.

Summer – Mekong Delta Weather

Usually in summer (June, July and August), is the ripe fruit season in the West. If you come to the West in this season you can visit the famous fruit garden locations such as:

Mekong Delta Weather

Mekong Delta Weather

Cai Be is not only the largest fruit garden in the Mekong Delta but also a tourist destination. Thanks to the famous fruit varieties such as sweet mango, pomelo, longan, and orange, guava, apple, tangerine, jackfruit, plum …In addition to visiting fruitful orchards, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy the delicious fruits that are grown here.The fruits here have 4 seasons, each season has a corresponding fruit. Tourists visit to Cai Be even in any season are full of delicious ripe fruits.

  • Cai Mon garden, Ben Tre

Mekong Delta WeatherMekong Delta WeatherMekong Delta Weather

Ben Tre province is the second largest fruit garden in the South. It is recognized by the Vietnam Record Book as the largest fruit seed production country. Coming to Cai Mon garden, can’t help but mention Cai Mon durian, Hai Hoa green pomelo, Chin Hoa’s durian… are delicious specialties in this area.

Flooding Season (Autumn)

Mekong Delta Weather

Tra Su cajuput forest is about 30 km from Chau Doc city. This place is the most typical and unique natural habitat conservation area of the wetland ecosystem in the Mekong Delta. Tra Su cajuput forest is the most beautiful in the flooding season (from September to November every year). Occasionally, the sound of oars, birds, fishes … disturb the quiet space of a green forest.

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