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Mekong Delta Private Tour

Mekong Delta Tours

Mekong Delta Tours

“Tu Linh” Island of Mekong Delta includes Long Island, Lan Island, Qui Island and Phung Island. These are the lands that emerge among the vast Mekong River for Mekong Delta Tours. Favored by nature, this land becomes a “golden” land for locals and tourists to visit every year.

Departure Point to explore Mekong Delta

Whether you go on a self-tour or tour group, you will start “Mekong Tour” from one location.
The address is 08 30/4 Street, Ward 1, My Tho City.
Contact: 0773 976 697
Transportation by train, time to visit is one day. In addition, you also have small souvenirs from local people such as conical hats, towels, fruits, …

What will you visit?

Bee Farm and enjoy Bee Tea

Here, people mainly live by growing fruit trees, bee keeping, and fishing. Coming to this attraction, you will see firsthand how local people keep bees. In addition, a special specialty here is honey tea. So, this is a very healthy drink and improves your beauty. So if possible, buy some souvenirs for your family and friends.

Mekong Delta Tours - Bee Farm

Mekong Delta Tours – Bee Farm

An equally interesting point is taking pictures with giant pythons. Its size can startle and scare you in the first moment you see it, but you are assured, it is very friendly. A souvenir photo will be an unforgettable memory in Mekong Delta Tour.

Enjoy “Don ca tai tu”

This is a typical art form available only in the Mekong Delta. It is seen as part of the soul of the local people. Then, through the lyrics, you can somehow understand the culture of the life of the Mekong Delta people, rustic, simple and full of hospitality.

Mekong Delta Tours - Don ca tai tu

Mekong Delta Tours – Don ca tai tu

Because especially this place is the land of coconut, you can admire and shop for souvenirs made of coconut trees, they are very lovely. In addition, it also shows the talented hands of local people here, from simple materials, they have created sophisticated products and characteristics of the land of coconut.

Sailing with Sampan Boat

This is one of the most typical activities of Mekong Tour. You will be entertained in the nature here, through the coconut trees and see the houses made by coconut of local people in the large fruit gardens. The beauty is also expressed by the boat female with traditional “ba ba” clothes. In short, these images make us feel admired and love more people in this land.
Mekong Delta Tours - Sailing Sampan Boat

Mekong Delta Tours – Sailing Sampan Boat

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