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Mekong Delta Private Tour

Mekong Delta Tourists Trap

Mekong Delta Tourists Trap

Particularly, Mekong Delta Tourists Trap. The fact that, when the tourists have plan to visit Mekong Delta, they will meet problems. So there are some tips for them to travel:

Weather problem – Mekong Delta Tourists Trap

Mekong Delta Tourists Trap

Before you scheduled a trip to the Mekong Delta, find out about the weather there. Avoid going in the stormy season, otherwise your travel will “dissipate”

Languages – Mekong Delta Tourists Trap

At first, you should prepare simple Vietnamese sentences to communicate. Because the locals here are not good enough to understand what you say. Or better yet, you should hire a local guide to make your trip smoother.

You feel lonely when you travel alone

Mekong Delta Tourists Trap

Secondly, do not worry about that. The people here are very friendly and kind. If you have problems, you just ask them.

The foods

Mekong Delta Tourists Trap

The food here is very diverse and tastes good. If you do not know the places to eat well, you can research online to find out in advance to not be “surprised”.

How about the safety?

Mekong Delta Tourists Trap

If you have chosen to travel by yourself, expensive items should not be brought. Leave them to the hotel, just bring enough money. If you have a camera or a phone with you to take photos of the trip, you should be careful in taking care them, it is better to buy travel insurance.

Do not have much money ?

Mekong Delta Tourists Trap

As well, your thoughts are wrong. Not necessarily to have a lot of money to be able to come there. In addition, you can rent a homestay with very cheap prices. More over, the meals at Mekong Delta are delicious but the prices are extremely reasonable and even full of stomach.

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