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Mekong Delta Private Tour

Mekong Delta Tour Itinerary

Mekong Delta Tour Itinerary

Above all, Southwest has attracted many visitors because of the beauty here. That beauty comes from vast fields, endless fields or intertwined rivers and canals intertwining, creating beautiful paintings. Mekong Delta Tour Itinerary.

Mekong Delta Tour Itinerary

Tra Su cajuput forest – Mekong Delta Tour Itinerary.

Firstly, Tra Su Melaleuca forest, which has a typical ecosystem in the flooded area west of Hau River, has made its own mark.

Therefore, Tra Su cajuput forest is the habitat of the birds of the sky, there is a vast lake of water, golden and crazy, with dense canals. Moreover, Tra Su cajuput forest symbolizes the beauty of An Giang floating water season. It has fresh water, cool weather that attracts many tourists.

Mekong Delta Tour Itinerary

Mekong Delta floating market

Secondly, Cai Rang, the floating market is also a wholesale market specialized in buying and selling fruits and agricultural products of the region. Goods are concentrated here in large quantities.

Each item has been classified for uniformity in quality, size. If local people and surrounding areas often use boats, average boats carrying agricultural products to consume here, the big boats are from traders who buy fruits to spread everywhere, to Cambodia and China.

Therefore, Cai Rang floating market is one of the three largest floating markets in Can Tho. The unique feature of this famous market is the trading of fruits and specialties of the Mekong Delta region. Go to Can Tho to play Cai Rang floating market is an extremely interesting and interesting experience.

Mekong Delta Tour Itinerary

Ben Tre Province

That is to say, a green island among the four rivers of the Cuu Long River and becomes an attractive tourist destination for those who like to explore the green space. Moreover, there are many famous attractions such as Tan Quy alcoholic, Phung wine, Vam Ho bird sanctuary, fruit garden tourism. Let’s start with Ben Tre, the hometown of coconut trees.

Mekong Delta Tour Itinerary

Tra Su Cajuput Forest

Finally, An Giang floating season always attracts domestic and international tourists. Perhaps the most famous destination to mention is Tra Su cajuput forest. Along the road, are rows of green trees shady shade. Moreover, The most beautiful scene when traveling to Tra Su cajuput forest in floating water season is from September to November.

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