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Mekong Delta Private Tour

Mekong Delta Tour From Saigon

Mekong Delta Tour From Saigon

Mekong Delta Tour From Saigon. There is no bad time to travel but there are always better times to visit a place. Each month, each season always brings different colors to destinations with festivals or beautiful scenery. Here are 12 Destinations Of Each Month In The Year and tips for you when you want to travel any month in Vietnam!

July: Cần Thơ – Fruit Season – Mekong Delta Tour From Saigon

The ideal time for a trip to Can Tho with the famous fruit gardens, My Khanh Garden, Mr. Sau Duong, … You can harvest the specialty fruits such as durian, breast milk, rambutan, … Sitting on the 3-leaf canvas to enjoy country life and enjoy the fruit is very interesting and attractive, isn’t it?

Mekong Delta Tour From Saigon

Mekong Delta Tour From Saigon

August: Nha Trang – Time for the beach – Mekong Delta Tour From Saigon

Nha Trang beach is the most beautiful in August. This is the time when Nha Trang has the most sunshine, blue sea and also the most tourist season of the year. Then, Nha Trang is a perfect answer to the question “Where should we travel in August?”. Do not forget to schedule to Nha Trang in August to be in harmony with the blue sea, white sand, and sunshine.

Mekong Delta Tour From Saigon

Nha Trang Beach

September: Hà Nội – Green Rice Cake

September is the time that you definitely have to go to Hanoi! This time too many people is probably the most beautiful time of the year in Hanoi with cool weather and comfortable. And September is also the time of “green rice cake” – a gift for anyone who loves Hanoi.

Mekong Delta Tour From Saigon

Com Ha Noi

October: Phú Quốc – Beautiful Sunshine Season

October is perhaps the best time of year for Phu Quoc island. In October, the calm sea, light waves, less rain is very convenient for high-speed boat or taking a flight from Rach Gia to Phu Quoc. Moreover, during this time period is extremely suitable for a relaxing beach holiday. Let’s go and feel right now! Because the time is good so the number of visitors to Phu Quoc is very crowded, you need to reserve your reservation about 1 month in advance to avoid the sold-out room condition.

Mekong Delta Tour From Saigon

Nha TRang

November: Hà Giang – Buckwheat Flower Season

If you fall in love with the purple of buckwheat flowers in the Northwest, then November must definitely go to Ha Giang. The buckwheat flower blooms are sprawling across the rugged mountain slopes, which will make you “stand out” for a moment. In addition, you have the opportunity to participate in the Buckwheat Flower Festival with a lot of attractive activities. Moreover, As a festival, you should book your hotel before the departure date to ensure you find a place to relax.

December: Sapa – Winter Festival

December is the month in which Sapa has the lowest temperature in the year, even when snow and snow show. Snow-white mountains, villages make a Sapa like Europe is shrunk. Finally, If you want to enjoy the cold and see the “snow paradise” at the Sapa winter festival with a lot of attractive activities, then definitely have to come to Sapa in December you! Do not forget to book your hotel room early in order to avoid a fire in the room, but there are also many attractive incentives.

Mekong Delta Tour From Saigon


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