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Mekong Delta Private Tour

Mekong Delta Tour 1 Day

Mekong Delta Tour 1 Day

Mekong Delta Tour 1 Day. The West or the Mekong River Delta has intertwined rivers and canals. The fertile land by the Mekong River as “nine dragons reaching out to the sea” fosters silt for the land here. Thanks to the fertile alluvial soil and favorable climate. However, western land is also calling the largest granary and fruit bowl in the country.

Firstly, Cool climate, green space. Although it is summer, in the West with the terrain of rivers and canals, there is still a cool and pleasant climate. The weather and climate in the West in the summer are very suitable for picnics.

Mekong Delta Tour 1 Day

Caodaism in Mekong Delta.

Secondly, Cao Dai is a religion founded in Vietnam in the early twentieth century, 1926. The name Cao Dai literally means “a high place”, the figurative is the highest place where God reigns. That is to say, the short name of God in Cao Dai religion, whose full name is Cao Dai Tien, Mr. Dai Bodhisattva Ma Ha Tat.

Most importantly, to pay homage, some Cao Dai believers often call their religion the Taoist religion. Cao Dai uses the word Lord to refer to God, similar to the Catholic God. Cao Dai believers believe that God is the founder of religions and this universe. All teachings, symbol systems and organizations are directly appointing by “Cao Dai”.

Mekong Delta Tour 1 Day

Cho Gao District

The district is located in the eastern part of Tien Giang province. The east of Cho Gao district borders Go Cong Tay district, the south is Tien river. The north is Chau Thanh district – Long An, the west is My Tho city.

Finally, Cho Gao district is 10 km far from My Tho City to the East and is trading with the Eastern districts by Highway 50 and Cho Gao Canal. Above all, when the Can Duoc-Cho Gao road is put into use, it will make Cho Gao become a close connection with Ho Chi Minh City and the Southwestern provinces.

In conclusion, When referring to the trip to the West, people move or use the word “deliciously cheap”. In the West, there is almost no over-sale phenomenon for tourists, but the people are always enthusiastic and warm, making you have a happy and economical holiday.

Mekong Delta Tour 1 Day


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