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Mekong Delta Safety

Mekong Delta Safety

Mekong Delta Safety. Some advices that BOMK will help you to travel safely. Not only applicable to Mekong Delta but everywhere you go.

Mekong Delta Safety

Mekong Delta Safety

Keep an eye on your backpack

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Whether you’re wearing it on your back or you’re sitting at a coffee shop. Before you leave, keep an eye on your backpack. Moreover, when you visit to crowded places. Be careful with the backpack on your back or turn it to the front of your chest. This will make your important items safer and within your control.

If you bring a small wallet, don’t leave it in your back pocket.

Mekong Delta Safety

Similarly, like the backpack. Be careful with your wallet. Never leave it in the back pocket of your jeans, that’s not safe. The pickpockets will notice it and by the time you don’t pay attention, they will take it. Instead of leaving it in your back pocket, be careful to put it in a zippered jacket or a deep pocket.

Never believe strangers – Mekong Delta Safety

Mekong Delta Safety

You will find it difficult to know the route and destination if you do not stop and ask the locals. However, this can also be harmful to yourself. They may be fraudsters to steal your property, or worse, you won’t want to mention it. So the best advice for you is to search online to find out about trusted sites and read the reviews of other tourists who have traveled through this destination. Or you can go through a travel agent to hire a local guide. Although you will be charged a fee, you are quite safe and guided and listen to local cultures and history.

Buy travel insurance.

Mekong Delta Safety

You will not know in advance what will happen during your trip. You may be injured or sick. So, buy insurance for your travel to avoid some cases that waste too much money.

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