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Mekong Delta Private Tour

Mekong Delta Day Trip

Mekong Delta Day Trip

One day in Mekong Delta, what will you do? Besides walking on the village roads, floating market is also one of the interesting destinations attracting tourists. In addition, spiritual tourism in the Mekong Delta has also developed in recent years. Tourist areas with pagodas, temples, shrines and moreover special festivals are always the focus points of tourists. Mekong Delta Day Trip of Breath Of The Mekong Tours will surprise you in anyway.

Mekong Delta Day Trip

Nghinh Ong festival in Soc Trang

Mekong Delta Day Trip - Nghinh Ong festival

Mekong Delta Day Trip – Nghinh Ong festival

At first, Nghinh Ong Festival is a long-standing cultural feature of Vietnamese, especially fishermen living in coastal areas and rivers. Besides the other festivals, the purpose of Nghinh Ong festival is to pray for peaceful waves and calm winds. The fishermen in the sea, the river go out fishing and return to peace. Villagers get prosperous and wealth.

Besides, Nghinh Ong festival in Soc Trang takes place on March 21 of the lunar calendar every year. Usually it will take 2 days. In addition, there are many fun and exciting activities taking place in these 2 days. Such as the procession of palanquin, let the boat go out with many colorful flags, … In particular, there are many people beating drums in the boat, blowing trumpets, wearing costumes, lion dance …

Ok Om Bok of Khmer in Tra Vinh

Mekong Delta Day Trip - Ok Om Bok

Mekong Delta Day Trip – Ok Om Bok

Ok Om Bok festival is a Khmer festival of moon offerings. Usually held on the full moon day of the October lunar month every year. After the end of the harvest season, the Khmer often organizes festivals to pray the good things to them with the witness of the Moon god. Besides, the offerings are from the harvest season to show gratitude to the Moon god. The god gave them a good harvest.

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