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Mekong Delta Cruise

Mekong Delta Cruise

Suddenly, on a beautiful day, you want to go to Mekong Delta in a different way. What you want is to enjoy the fresh air, sitting on the boat watching the river. So quickly try this new feeling right away. It’s extremely interesting, let BOMK introduce you to this exciting cruise tour. Mekong Delta Cruise

How to start your trip on cruise

Mekong Delta Cruise

Mekong Delta Cruise

At first, cruise will welcome you with a great drink. You’ll enjoy your trip on cruise and relax in a warm cabin. During your lunch, the boat will start to move. You will sit by the window or in the front compartment to see this beautiful and peaceful setting.
In the afternoon, you can take a leisurely stroll through the surrounding villages and orchards. You can take photos, see the scenery of the countryside. In addition, you can learn more about the culture of the local people.

What are interesting things when do the cruise tour

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Why do so many tourists like to do cruise tour? Simple, you will enjoy a peaceful relaxation holiday on cruise. In addition, you will see the beautiful scenery on the river. You can choose your favorite dishes with a dedicated service. Similarly, on cruise there are premium facilities for you to feel as comfortable as possible.

Cruise experience will always be different from traveling by car. You will not get traffic jam, you can watch the scene slowly and honestly. More than that, on cruise you won’t have to sit still as if traveling by car, don’t have to sit in the air-conditioner or smell of the car that makes you uncomfortable.


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