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Mekong Delta Private Tour

Mekong Delta Best Place

Mekong Delta Best Place

Mekong Delta Best Place – Vietnam has always been a desirable place for tourists all over the world. Beside, with a warm climate to the monsoon, Vietnam is the ideal destination for travelers from temperate countries in Europe or Russia, …
In addition, if you want to find a beautiful and comfortable area. In conclusion, Mekong Delta is the place you should know.

Ideal location

Coming to Mekong Delta, you will enjoy a peaceful and airy space of the Vietnamese countryside. With beautiful rivers winding around, majestic coconut groves or beautiful dishes will make you love this place more.

Mekong Delta Best Place

Tra Su Cajuput Forest

This is one of the best tourist destinations in the Mekong. There are many special places like rivers flooded in Melaleuca trees and many birds flying around the forest. Besides the surrounding boat trip makes you feel like you’re on a green jungle expedition.

Mekong Delta Best Place

Local villages Mekong Delta Best Place

Culture of the people of South Vietnam is a village-based culture along rivers.
From the rivers, people will use the water here to use and personal activities. Together with the neighbors, create a unique culture here.
Read more: More and more things are waiting for you in this wonderful area. So do not miss any tourist destination and culture in this place. Hope you will have a amazing trip in the South of Viet Nam especially Mekong River Delta area.
Mekong Delta Best Place

Read more: In conclusion, Mekong is always an ideal destination for those who want to explore and experience Western Vietnam culture. So, come here and feel the wonderful atmosphere here for your wonderful vacation in Viet Nam. 

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