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Mekong Delta Private Tour

Mekong 1 Day Tour

Mekong 1 Day Tour

13 provinces and city of the Mekong Delta mostly develop in tourism. However, the strongest development is probably Ben Tre, Tien Giang, Can Tho, … Famous for islets, floating markets, fruit orchards. Besides, Tra Vinh is a province that also has unique cultural features and unique beautiful scenes that we can explore in 1 day. Follow us to explore Mekong 1 Day Tour in Tra Vinh.

Mekong 1 Day Tour

Welcoming gate

The land of Tra Vinh

Mekong 1 Day Tour

Map of Tra Vinh province

Tra Vinh is a coastal area, about 100km from Can Tho city. Since a long time ago, this was a land with few people living. Also few people know and completely not developed in tourism. However, in recent years, Tra Vinh tourism is almost exploited quite a lot. Not only because of the beautiful scenery with wild features but also because the people here are friendly, warm and hospitable. So that they have won the love of tourists. In addition, Tra Vinh has the majority of Khmer people, makes the culture of Tra Vinh much influenced by the Khmer people.

How to move to Tra Vinh for Mekong 1 Day Tour?

Mekong 1 Day Tour

Map for moving to Tra Vinh from HCMC

Moving to Tra Vinh from Saigon by van with bed is about 4 hours. There are famous car companies and trips in-day such as Futa bus, Kim Hoang, Thanh Thuy … The price ranges around 100,000 VND / person / trip. If you depart from Can Tho city, it only costs 50,000 VND / person / trip.
Besides, if you are a large group, you can travel by motorbike to see the scenery on both sides of the road. Feeling every scene of the countryside in the West. In addition, you will have the opportunity to go through the 3 most prominent bridges in the Mekong Delta. They are Rach Mieu Bridge, Ham Luong Bridge, Co Chien Bridge with spectacular scenery at sunrise or sunset.

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