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Lotus Blooming Season

Lotus Blooming Season

Lotus Blooming Season. Thap Muoi (Mekong Delta) has long been a famous place for lotus ponds with a fragrant aroma and fresh cool climate. In the floating season, Thap Muoi attracts tourists by the natural beauty of the lotus. Coming to Thap Muoi, the lotus blossom season, tourists will be fascinated by the attractive lotus fields and it looks drop dead gorgeous in Lotus Blooming Season in Mekong Delta.

Lotus Blooming Season

Lotus Blooming Season

Where is Dong Thap – Lotus Pond?

Thap Muoi lotus is located in My Hoa commune, Thap Muoi district, about 40km from Cao Lanh city, 160km from Saigon. This is an ideal relaxation space of nearly 20ha, suitable for those who want to harmonize with nature.

To move here, from National Highway 1A running toward My Thuan Bridge, you will see the right turn direction to Dong Thap, then run toward An My Town, across My An Bridge turn left Thap Muoi.

Lotus Blooming Season

Dong Thap Province

What time is the lotus season in the year?

Floating season from August to November every year is the lotus blooming season in Thap Muoi. In Lotus Blooming Season in Mekong Delta, the lotus flowers are everywhere in Thap Muoi such as ponds, canals or around paddy fields. All have created a beautiful, peaceful and comfortable natural space.

Lotus usually bloom in the morning, the lotus is white first when the sunlight is a little flash of light, to noon it gradually turned pink. The time from noon until about 3 pm is the most beautiful time of the most beautiful lotus and at this time in Lotus Blooming Season in Mekong Delta, the proud lotus flowers blooming in the sun. In the afternoon, the lotus turns dark pink and then falls red when the sun goes down.

Lotus Blooming Season

Rice and Lotus

During 3 days lotus will bloom in such a cycle and then turned purple and began to decay. If the lotus is dying, there will be other lotus flowers blooming. So the Thap Muoi is always brilliant lotus flower.

Thap Muoi – where the lotus bloom

When you come to the Lotus Blooming Season in Mekong Delta, you will be overwhelmed by the scenery of the pink lotus fields stretching immensely to the horizon. Indeed, on the blue background of the leaf color, the lotus stems as the highlight color. In the midst of a blue and quiet sky, the pink lotus blends with the golden color of the sun to create a peaceful picture of Mekong Delta nature.

Lotus Blooming Season

Lotus area

Paddling sampan boat in the middle of a lotus pond, you can hand touch the soft pink lotus wings. And especially experience fishing activities, picking lotus as a real farmer. Moreover, here you can borrow traditional clothes of local people to save the best moments for your trip.

Considered a symbol of Vietnamese culture, the lotus has entered the life of the Thap Muoi people long ago. Let’s leave the bustling city, find the return to the Thap Muoi lotus blooming season. Last but not least, to immerse in the peaceful nature of Mekong Delta and have more experiences.

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