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Hue Vietnam

Hue Vietnam

First, when we mention Hue Vietnam will often think of the palaces, the temples have a bit of ancient from the old kings. Not only international tourists but also Vietnamese tourists who wish to visit Hue once to witness the vivid images of the last feudal dynasty. In addition, the relaxation and tenderness here are also love by many people.

Hue Vietnam

How to move to Hue Vietnam?

By air: From Tan Son Nhat airport to Phu Bai airport of Hue Vietnam, you can buy airline tickets of companies such as VNA, Jetstar, etc. All flights are available daily from HCMC or Hanoi to Huế. Depending on the peak season or low season, the price will be cheap or expensive.

Trains: If you are a person with plenty of time and enjoy sightseeing, you can choose this transport. There are many types of chairs for you to choose from different prices.

Bus: You can go to the bus stops to buy tickets. However, it is recommended to buy a bed chair to be comfortable.

Climate in Hue Vietnam

Like Saigon, Hue Vietnam has two distinct seasons: dry and rainy seasons. In particular, March to August is the dry season. The temperature is quite high, up to 40 degrees C. If you travel this season it will be quite hot.
Besides, the temperature of Hue drops to 18 degrees in August to January. In which, October to the end of the year is rainy and flood.
In particular, the spring is January and February. The air is cool and pleasant. Autumn is September to November, there are many Giant Crape-myrtle blooming.

Hue Vietnam

Tourist destinations of Hue Vietnam

Thien Mu Pagoda:
This is an architectural work not to be miss when traveling to Hue. Build in 1600 and repair many times. Not only the magnificence, but also the purity and poetry. Therefore, this temple attracts many visitors to this place. To reach Thien Mu Pagoda, you can take a boat along the Huong River, which is extremely romantic.

Ngu Binh Mountain: this is the second true gift of nature beside the Huong River. For a long time, both gifts became symbols of Hue Vietnam. From the mountain, you can enjoy views over the famous landmarks and romantic natural surroundings.

Hue Vietnam

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