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Hue Vietnam Weather

Hue Vietnam Weather

Similarly, Hue is a city locates in the middle of S-shaped strip of land with many famous historical sites and landmarks. Coming to Hue, visitors will also experience special weather and climate conditions. Which are different from the Northern and Southern provinces. Hue Vietnam Weather

About the weather and climate

Hue Vietnam Weather

Hue Vietnam Weather

The weather in Hue had two kinds: hot dry and wet, cold. The hot season usually starts from May to September due to the influence of Southwest wind. The average temperature of this season is between 27 – 29 degrees. In May and June, the hottest months of the year can reach 38 – 40 degrees. Meanwhile, the cold season usually lasts from October to March. At this time, due to the influence of the northeast monsoon, Hue is raining heavily and the weather is quite cold. The average temperature ranges from 20-22 degrees. The lowest temperature can be reduced to 8 degrees.

Hue has quite harsh climatic conditions. But the people here have sought to adapt and turn it into a “characteristic” to develop tourism. Hue has many restaurants, hotels and cafes designed by rainy theme. People here have turned this disadvantage into favorable conditions to develop handicraft products, souvenirs such as hats, umbrellas, raincoats, cyclos, dragon boats …

The right time to travel to Hue

The festival of marine tourism in Hue usually falls from May to July. In addition, the hot summer atmosphere will make yourself become frustrated and tired. Come to Hue and stretch on the white sandy beach and immerse yourself in the white wave of Thuan An Beach, the cool blue water of the legendary Lang Co Beach. Besides, visiting Pha Tam Giang lagoon, Lap An lagoon or Truoi lagoon. The period from February to July is an ideal time to experience the life of fishermen on the lagoon. Last but not least, wake up to local dishes and drop yourself into the beautiful sunset scenery of the lagoon.

For tourists who love the cold and the rains of Hue. The time between September – December is the right time to enjoy the “ancient capital of winter”. Arriving to Hue this season, visitors will experience the moment of visiting Hue in the rain. Fascinated with baked goods such as sweet potato, corn grilled green onion with charcoal, baked dried squid, …

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