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Hoi An Vietnam Weather

Hoi An Vietnam Weather

Hoi An Vietnam Weather – Hoi An locates in a humid tropical monsoon climate, characterizes by coastal climate in Central Vietnam. Both hot and humid, heavy rain and seasonal rain. Moreover, Hoi An has high temperatures all year round. Hoi An Vietnam Weather

Temperature – Hoi An Vietnam Weather


At first, Hoi An (Viet Nam) has no cold winter, the dry season lasts from February to August. The short rainy season lasts from September to January. In addition, the average temperature is 25-26 degrees Celsius. The highest temperature reaches 39 degrees Celsius. The lowest temperature is 23 degrees C. The annual heat amplitude is high.

Hoi An Vietnam Weather

Weather – Hoi An Vietnam Weather

Hoi An Vietnam Weather


The annual rainfall is high, highest in October and November. Besides, the lowest is January, February, March and April. In addition, the storms in Hoi An often appear in September, October and November. Heavy rains often lead to storms and floods that cause great damage to the entire area.

The weather in Summer at Hoi An is extremely hot. So, if you want to travel, limit it at this time. If you travel in this weather, you could be sick and move quite uncomfortably from one point to another. Therefore, the trip will reduce the interesting and attractive. Besides, in addition to the hot season, you should also limit travel in October and November because it is a time of rainy season. Your tour will affect and make sure you don’t want to stay in the hotel all day.

Best time to travel

So what time should travel to Hoi An? The answer is to go from February to April every year. At this time, it is less rainy, pleasant weather, extremely convenient for sightseeing.


Hoi An Vietnam Weather

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