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Ho Chi Minh food

Ho Chi Minh food

When we mention Vietnam, you must have heard of the culinary paradise. Since there are 54 ethnic groups, the food is varied and abundant. The most special place to mention is Saigon. Although locate in the South of Vietnam, the delicious dishes of all 3 regions are gathered here. Most tourists who travel to Saigon are satisfied because the dishes are processed well and quite delicious. Does Ho Chi Minh food make you think of any food? Let’s find out how much you can eat.

Bánh xèo – Vietnamese pancake Ho Chi Minh food

Banh Xeo seems to have become a dish with traditional flavor of Vietnam. This dish is very easy to eat and the processing is not too difficult. Usually, the crust made from flour, poured on a pan and coated with a thin layer, then add beans sproud, sliced pork, shrimp … This dish is served with mix fish sauce, added sugar for It tastes sweet with spicy peppers. Especially with fresh vegetables.

Ho Chi Minh food

Pho – world famous dish

Pho is a traditional dish of Vietnam, with elaborately prepare broth and traditional recipe. Depending on each family, different tastings will give different flavors. Usually there will be beef noodle soup, chicken noodle soup, pork noodle soup … A Pho bowl considers to be delicious or not depending on the broth. The broth must be sweet and fresh from the bone. When eating pho, use with herbs, fresh vegetable, bean sprout, lemon, chili … Especially black sauce or chili sauce served with beef.

Ho Chi Minh food

Bread – voted the world’s best street food

When you listen to the name of Vietnamese bread, you will probably have to admire it because it is small but contains many nutrients inside it. It is the breakfast of most people in Saigon. The crust is crispy, yellow in color. Inside is white soft, slightly porous. Bread often serves with jampon, fried pork, fried eggs or canned fish … Depending on the needs of the buyer, the bread becomes more diverse.

Ho Chi Minh food

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