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Ho Chi Minh Beach

Ho Chi Minh Beach

Coming to Vietnam, especially in the South, not only Mekong Delta but also very beautiful beaches. Such as Nha Trang, Con Dao, Phu Quoc, Vung Tau … With golden sunshine, white sand and blue water is always the destination that expects during customers’ vacation. Ho Chi Minh beach is the great choice, let’s discover now.

Nha Trang – Ho Chi Minh beach

Nha Trang is dubbed the “golden beach” of southern Vietnam. Not only domestic tourists but also many foreign visitors come to visit. As one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam with blue sea, white sand stretches like endless. Add to that the extremely fresh and delicious seafood. Moreover, there are ultra-luxurious resorts and hotels for you to enjoy extremely comfortable days.

Ho Coc in Vung Tau

This is a pristine area newly exploited with clear blue sea, wide beach area. In addition, there are rocks lying inside that create a very virtual scene for you to comfortably take beautiful pictures. When you come here, you like to immerse in nature and forget the noisy fatigue outside of society.

Ho Chi Minh Beach

Ho Coc

Con Dao beach

Con Dao is an isolated island off the coast of Vietnam. To move here, you go to Soc Trang before or follow the sea route of Vung Tau. It still retains the wild beauty and mystery, beautiful magic for visitors who love to explore. Smooth white sand beaches and blue sea water. Especially Dam Trau beach hornors here

Ho Chi Minh Beach

Con Dao

Doi Duong Beach, Phan Thiet

If Ham Tien – Mui Ne area is a private beach of resorts only for their visitors, Doi Duong is an ideal beach for all visitors. The reason for the name of Doi Duong because in the old days, this place was a large area plant with many trees for wind shields. However, this land area has now been narrow due to reserve a lot of space for the hotel. Doi Duong beach is now officially named Doi Duong Park.

Ho Chi Minh Beach

Doi Duong

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