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Hiking In Viet Nam

Hiking In Viet Nam

Hiking in Viet Nam

Vietnam is a beautiful country, natural for its beautiful and majestic natural landscapes. So every time you mention Vietnam, you are referring to a peaceful, beautiful and fresh climate. Along with extremely suitable locations for round trips.

So where is the greatest and perfect place for us to make a great hiking trip?

Hiking in Viet Nam

Sapa area

Da Lat Hiking In Viet Nam

With the nickname “thousand-flower city”, it is always known as the most famous tourist destination in Vietnam. With beautiful hills and green valleys. In addition, it is also known for its lakes and clear rivers surrounding small villages of ethnic minorities. So, this is one of the most important and interesting places for hiking enthusiasts. In conclusion, it can be simply mentioned as Ho Xuan Huong area, waiting for Dalat, Langbiang peak, …

Hiking In Viet Nam

Dalat city

SaPa Hiking In Viet Nam

Like Dalat, Sapa always has beautiful and wonderful scenery that makes anyone want to come here. Moreover, places like Cat Cat village, stone church, central area, etc., there are many places suitable for hiking.

Hiking in Viet Nam



Maybe you think that with a terrain like Mekong, how can it be convenient for hiking? The Mekong Delta is rich in terrain from plains, rivers, mountains and forests. Therefore, Hiking is never difficult for this place.


Quang Binh

One of the famous provinces with many of the largest and largest caves in the world. With world famous caves. In addition, the rugged terrain will make your Hiking challenges more interesting and exciting. And once you’ve experienced all the challenges here, you’ll feel more excited and strong.

Read more: Inconclusion, Viet Nam has a diverse list of extremely suitable places for tourists who want to Hiking.

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